Christmas Gifts from Wordsworth

Avid for Austen? Wild about Wilde? See Wordsworth's range of Christmas gifts for lovers of great literature.

If Halloween marks the beginning of the slow build up to Christmas then December 1st marks the moment when that familiar mix of excitement and panic starts to crank up.

December also marks the season of the Office Christmas Party, and the carnage that can result. Ours are pretty sedate these days, but stories of past Wordsworth Christmas Parties are the stuff of legend; probably the most notorious was the year that the participants were ejected from our local pub, The Albion, Hanbury Manor and The Sow and Pigs at Wadesmill all in one day. The Hanbury Manor leg of this triple header featured a topless belly-dance performed by one of our team for the benefit of other diners. We won’t name the guilty party, but seasoned Wordsworth-watchers will be able to make a shrewd guess  

The perennial problem of the season is what to buy our nearest and dearest. In years gone by Wordsworth Editions would not have been an obvious source of Christmas gifts as you could have been reasonably accused of embracing your inner Scrooge if your gift budget only ran to a £1.99 paperback.

However, these days we can offer a fine selection of Christmas gifts for the literature lover in your life. Our Library Collection hardbacks offer a great selection of complete collections of works by Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and many more. They look great and for only £12.99 are very affordable.

Another option is our Box Sets. Last Christmas we could offer ‘The Ultimate Classics Collection’ and ‘The Ultimate Children’s Classics Collection’ and this year we have added ‘The Complete Jane Austen Collection’ and ‘The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection’. All have a retail price of £19.99. And if you need a £2.50 stocking filler then we have plenty of those too.

To see details of our range and where to buy them, click here to see our full Christmas Collection

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