Get ready for the year of H.G. Wells

The Wordsworth team have had a busy and exciting summer preparing our new H.G. Wells releases

Those with an interest in the world of Wordsworth Editions sometimes drop us a line with their suggestions for titles deserving of taking their place in our list in the future.

Sadly, we have to decline many, for although there is a body of excellent literature out there that has probably unjustly fallen out of favour, we are not the necessarily the people to lead the revival (we leave that to a well-received new TV or film adaptation).

For beneath this happy-go-lucky exterior we have to be hard-headed business tycoons because, given the slender profit margin in our modest pricing, a new title has to sell by the shedload to cover the costs of publishing it.

However, one of the enjoyable things about what we do is picking out books from the constant supply of new material becoming available as notable authors’ works come out of copyright – in case you’re interested, this happens seventy years from their death, mostly (don’t ask about the States… really, don’t ask).

As such, in a not at all sinister way, we pore over a database of the dates of passing of famous authors (unofficially known as the Wordsworth Book of the Dead), from which we can plot the arrival date of exciting new material. 

So it is that we know to be ready to break out the bunting for George Orwell, Edgar Rice Burroughs and George Bernard Shaw in 2021 (publishing sometimes needs patience). 

But long before that – on January 1st 2017 in fact – is an event that has been on our radar for as long as we can remember, when the works of H.G. Wells come into the public domain.

The Wordsworth team have had a busy and exciting summer preparing our new H.G. Wells releases so look out for full details of the titles, and lots of Wells-related coverage, in the run-up to the big day.

You can already pre-order our H.G. Wells releases if you're a member of the trade – Click here and cycle through each title.

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