The price of our Classics is going up

The retail price of our Classics and Children's Classics will increase to £2.50 with effect from I June.

Cast your mind back to January 2006: Tony Blair was Prime Minister, Sven-Göran Eriksson announced his resignation as England Manager and petrol was less then 90p a gallon.

It was also the last time that we put up the price of our Classics and Children's Classics. Since then we have maintained the price at £1.99 despite rising costs but the time has finally come when we must accept the inevitable. Allowing for inflation, £1.99 in 2006 is equivalent to £2.73 today, but we have been able to limit the increase to £2.50.

Here is our official announcement:

'It is with the greatest regret that we are being forced to increase our retail price, this said, the Wordsworth Classics still remain the most competitive in the market place.
The good news is that we are able to hold the R.R.P. on the rest of our series.
We have always prided ourselves in offering all our customers exceptional value for money, constantly improving the finish and quality of our books, updating Notes and Introductions which are invaluable to all students.
Having held the R.R.P. of £1.99 for well over ten years, this is now impossible to continue doing so.  The margins we work on are exceptionally low and Brexit has had a serious knock on effect from increases to the actual printing and binding, paper, distribution and indeed transport costs.
In our defence, please may we ask you all to take into account the comments we have made above on rising costs, followed by general inflation such as salaries, rent, and the usual overheads, further taking into account your discount/purchase price from Wordsworth, that, we hope you will quickly agree the margins we are left with are very slim, making it totally impossible to maintain the lower price point.
We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your continued support and pray that you will continue working with us.'

We will be continuing to supply our books at the old prices right up until 31 May.

Very best wishes,

The Wordsworth Team

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