Shakespeare 400 is well and truly underway - here are our highlights so far

Type 'Shakespeare' into Google and then hit the ‘News’ tab. It’s busy!

Last week we noted that the starting pistol was about to fire for 
Shakespeare 400. Well now the race is well underway and there’s so much going on it looks like the first couple of miles of the London marathon.

As an indicator, type 'Shakespeare' into Google and then hit the ‘News’ tab. It’s busy! How much news can there be on a guy who died 400 years ago? Well, 11,800,000 news stories found in 0.35 seconds just a minute ago, thanks very much

Now go to iPlayer and search for 'Shakespeare' there. Pages and pages of lovely fresh content. From a Countryfile special on the landscapes that inspired him (with Dame Judi Dench on co-presenting duties!) to the CBeebies all-stars' production of Midsummer Night's Dream.

Actually, there's quite a lot of Shakespeare on CBeebies, 10 of the first 20 programmes thrown up by iPlayer are on the children's channel.

Away from the Beeb and the rest of the mainstream media, of course, there are plenty of off-piste events celebrating Shakespeare 400 - although one of our favourites is more 'on-the-piste'. Shit-Faced Shakespeare has actually been around for a few years, but has come to greater prominence during this anniversary year.

The idea is simple, and pretty much given away in the title. A group of actors stage a Shakespeare play, but one of them is, er, shitfaced. Properly plastered. They're currently putting on A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Leicester Square Theatre, 
and by all accounts it's a hoot.

The results of our very own 
Great British Shakespeare Survey, and of the Shakespeare Sequel competition will be in soon.

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