Teachers are already planning, and buying, books for the next school year

We're seeing more demand from schools than at any time in recent years

Pupils might be starting to sense the long summer holiday approaching (despite being given precious little clue by the weather), but their teachers are already planning, and buying, for the next school year starting in September.

The recent re-stating of the importance of classic literature in education means that Wordsworth Editions titles are more in demand from schools than at any time in recent years. That's great, of course! We're not going to pretend we don't like selling more books.

But we certainly don't see it as a purely commercial opportunity. Rather, we hope we're part of an eclectic coalition that believes in the importance of books in schools and wants to work together to ensure that more literature, of every hue, is available for all pupils.

We have, for instance, cut the price of our classics range to £1.50 for the education sector - that’s 25% off our usual £1.99 price for any educational institution ordering direct from our distributor, Bookpoint.

We know that schools have eye-wateringly tight budgets to work with, that's why we offer high quality editions, complete with exclusive academic introductions at the lowest possible price. The aim is to remove as many barriers as possible between the current generation of school pupils and the greatest works of literature from history. Certainly price shouldn't be one of them.

So, in terms of a summer holiday, here's hoping the current climate is just a blip, and in terms of classic literature in schools, we're (much more confidently) forecasting sunny skies ahead.

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