New for 2022

New Arrivals for 2022


new Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Collectors Edition

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Collector’s Edition)

Robert Louis Stevenson
new Dracula - Collectors Edition

Dracula (Collector’s Edition)

Bram Stoker
new Far From the Madding Crowd

Far From The Madding Crowd (Collector’s Edition)

Thomas Hardy
new Frankenstein - Collectors Edition

Frankenstein (Collector’s Edition)

Mary Shelley
new Moby Dick Collectors Edition

Moby Dick (Collector’s Edition)

Herman Melville
new Mrs Dalloway - Collectors Edition

Mrs Dalloway (Collector’s Edition)

Virginia Woolf
new Oliver Twist Collectors Edition

Oliver Twist (Collector’s Edition)

Charles Dickens
new The Picture of Dorian Grey - Collectors Edition

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Collector’s Edition)

Oscar Wilde
new Robinson Crusoe - CE

Robinson Crusoe (Collector’s Edition)

Daniel Defoe
new Romeo and Juliet - CE

Romeo and Juliet (Collector’s Edition)

William Shakespeare
new Tess of the D'ubervilles - Collectors Edition

Tess of the D’urbervilles (Collector’s Edition)

Thomas Hardy